Happy Women’s Day 2019

And along the way, a particularly powerful collaboration has created a united moment for women of all nations, gathered around the world, to come together in hope and action. This moment is the “Happy International Women’s Day 2019“.

Begun in the early 1900s, the all-powerful and tenacious Suffragettes forged a resolute action for equality. Suffragettes launched International Women’s Day. The first event officially named “International Women’s Day” took place in 1911.

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And to this day, International Women’s Day continues to be a powerful global platform that unites tenacity and encourages action for gender equality, while celebrating social, cultural, economic and political achievements. women.

March 8th Happy Women’s Day 2019

The values ​​that guide International Women’s Day provide insight into the kind of action, behavior and ethics associated with this crucial and globally supported day.

The ten values ​​guiding International Women’s Day are:

The respect
As Suffragettes of modern times – women, men and all sexes – let us continue the work and the spirit of the all-powerful Suffragettes, fighting against the good fight. And recognize, honor and celebrate the important and impressive achievements of women around the world.